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Airbrush Baseball helmets,Bats &Football helmets

Airbrush Baseball helmets,Bats &Football helmets
In this section you will find custom airbrush baseball and softball helmets, along with catchers masks, baseball bats, and football helmets. The baseball and softball helmets we use are the basic style you will find at walmart or any local store. We usually stick with wilson helmets that come in color black or blue, so color of helmet is subject to change. If you want a special type of helmet and color please let us know and we will try to get the best price around (keep in mind with a different style of your choice price is subject to change). Here are some examples of helmets we have done. You can design your own style by sending us a picture of what you would like done, or you can pick from what we have. You can also call or email us to explain what you would like. We give group discounts so if you are looking to get your whole team helmets painted with team logo etc. we will cut you a break. If you purchase a helmet from us make sure you know your kids hat/head size. If you dont then you can do a search on how to find out baseball helmet sizes. The helmets we use come in a T ball size 6 1/4 - 6 7/8 for the smaller kids and a youth one size fits 6 1/2 - 7 1/2. If you want to use your helmet feel free to get it to us and all you will have to pay for is the airbrush cost along with shipping. We offer two different clear coat options. The first clear coat option is the cheaper clear at no extra cost. It holds up great and will last a couple years all depending on how abused it is, but its not as good as the second clear coat option which is an automotive clear. If you would like a thicker, stronger and more glossy clear coat then select "auto clear" for an additional $25 per helmet. All baseball helmets take a minimum of three days of dry time before they are shipped out. All depending on the difficulty of the designs you are wanting will all depend on the time frame it will take to get done. Custom helmets can take a couple days up to four weeks to complete for basic designs. More custom graphic designs may take longer. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. "Painting helmets may Void the helmet warranty."


** #1: Click on a design you are wanting to order.** ** #2: Must fill out numbers 1-3.** ** #3: The rest is options you can add or skip. If you want to add more to the helmet then fill out the rest past #3 that suits you. If you are done and ready to check out scroll down and hit add to cart. ** #4:If you are done proceed to checkout or keep shopping.** Easy as that so dont let all the options scare you away.

Also check out below for some videos of us painting the helmets by hand

All orders are done by one artist. So the design will look like the picture, if not better

Thank you for checking out airbrushkreationz.com, the one stop custom airbrush shop. If there are any special custom airbrush requests you are wanting please feel free to contact us at akzdesignz@yahoo.com or (501)663-4799