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Peace Sign 2

Peace Sign 2
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**#1: CLOTHING STYLE & COLOR:  ** #2: CLOTHING SIZE:  ** #3: SIDE OF SHIRT FOR THIS DESIGN:  ** #4: LETTER STYLE (for this design):  ** #5: details for design you selected such as names/words & colors: **STOP!!!.. YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO ANY FURTHER UNLESS YOU WANT MORE ADDED TO SHIRT.:  OPPOSITE SIDE NAME OR WORDS (select yes if you want name or words big on other side of shirt):  LETTER STYLE FOR OPPOSITE SIDE NAME/WORDS:  details for opposite side such as names/words & colors (up to 4): FRONT LEFT POCKET NAME (this is on the front left area where a pocket would be):  LETTER STYLE FOR FRONT LEFT POCKET NAME:  details for front left pocket such as names/words & colors (up to 3): HOODY HAND POCKET NAME (this is done on the front hand pocket of a hoody):  LETTER STYLE FOR HOODY HAND POCKET:  details for hoody hand pocket such as names/words & colors (up to 3): SLEEVES (you can put names or words on one sleeve or both):  LETTER STYLE FOR SLEEVES:  details for sleeves such names,words,numbers & colors(up to 3 names/words per sleeve): Any other requests, we will contact you if its an additional charge:

Product Description

Airbrush clothing design of a peace sign splattered in water. design can be done in any colors you would like and personalized with any names or wording you want.

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